ASTROGC was founded in 2012, by Gauthier due to his passion sinc ehis childhood. 

AstroGC brings you in Gran Canaria's mountains to enjoy the world which surrounds us.


Firstly, we offer to explain how the telescope works and information on the world that surrounds us. Then, we offer a remarkable stargazing. 

We organize the activities at the right moment and the right place. We use powerful telescopes and oculars.Besides, we take over the transport fees from the tourist zones in the south of Gran Canaria.


An unforgettable experience

Astronomic watching workshops in the south of Gran Canaria, adapted to everybody: begginners, experts, families, old people, etc.


+ 34 619 240 806

C/ Inglaterra nº4, Maspalomas

Gran Canaria

Tourist intermediary nº
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