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Asian Outdoor Trade Show 12ª edición

Place: Nanjing (China)

Date: 29th june-2nd july 2017

Topic: Suit and Equipment

OutDoor 24ª edición European Outdoor Trade Fair

Place: Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Date: 18th-21st june 2017

Topic: Suit and Equipment

Salon Aventure et Plein Air

Place: Montreal (Canada)

Date: 1st-2nd april 2017

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

Place: Calgary (Canada)

Date: 25th-26th march 2017


Place: Helsinki (Finland)

Date: 17th-19th march 2017

Topic: Fair for free time activities. Outdoor, Camping, Fitness, Golf & Bicycle Fair

Toronto Sportsmen’s Show Canda’s Outdoor Supershow

Place: Toronto (Canada)

Date: 15th-19th march 2017


Place: Stockholm (Sweden)

Date: 10th-12th march 2017

Topic: Outdoor life, travel, adventure Sports, diving sector

Atlantic Outdoor Sports and RV Show

Place: Halifax (Great Britain)

Date: 10th-12th march 2017

The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

Place: Vancouver (Canada)

Date: 4th-5th march 2017

The Outdoor Adventure Show

Place: Toronto (Canada)

Date: 24th-26th february 2017

Topic: Equipment and activities

Danish Travel Show Ferie for alle

Place: Herning (Denmark)

Date: 24th-26th february 2017


Beach & Boat

Place: Leipzig (Germany)

Date: 16th-19th february 2017

Topic: Exhibitión of aquatic sports


Place: Stuttgart (Germany)

Date: 14th-15th january 2017

European Tourism Day

Place: Brussels (Belgium)

Date: December 2016

Boot & Fun Berlin

Place: Berlin (Germany)

Date: 24th-27th november 2016


Place: Valladolid

Date: 24th-27th november 2016

Topic: International Trade Fair of INLAND TOURISM (rural, eco, cultural, sport, active)


Name: Valentín González

Phone: 928219231 Ext. 11926

Email: vgonza@grancanaria.com

Feria internacional del Atlántico


Date: 24th-27th november 2016

Alta Quota

Place: Bergamo (Italy)

Date: 14th-16th october 2016

Topic: Mountain and outdoor fair.


Place: Nuernberg (Germany)

Date: 7th-9th october 2016

Topic: Kayaks, canoas, stand-up paddle, inflables

European Outdoor Summit

Place: Barcelona

Date: 29th-30th september 2016

BITM Borsa Internazionale del Turismo Montano

Place: Trento (Italy)

Date: 16th-18th september 2016

InterDive – Tauchen, Schorcheln & Reisen

Place: Friedrichshafen (Germany)

Date: 15th-18th september 2016

Topic: Diving, Snorkelling & Travel


Place: Dusseldorf (Germany)

Date: 2nd-4th september 2016

Topic: Trekking


Name: Noelia Medina

Phone: 928219231 Ext. 11921

Email: nmedinao@grancanaria.com

Conferencia Sports et Nature

Place: Chamonix (France)

Date: 20th august 2016

Desayuno Informativo "Turismo Activo en Canarias"

Date: 29th June 2016

Seminario Planificación de la Seguridad y Emergencias en Turismo Activo

Date: 29th June-2nd July 2016.

Segundas Jornadas Profesionales de Turismo Activo

Date: 28th-29th October 2016.


Meeting Point

Date: 30th September 2016

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