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Activa Canarias promotes Outdoor Tourism with adventures all over Gran Canaria

The Outdoor Tourism Business Association of the Canary Islands, Activa Canarias, with the sponsorship of Tourism of Gran Canaria, Tourism of the Canary Islands, and the Institute of Social and Socio-sanitary Care of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, is organising the VII Island Fair of Outdoor Tourism 'Gran Canaria Adventure'. This annual event will take place from the 17th to the 22nd of November and this year it will take place all over the island, with Outdoor Tourism and Ecotourism activities for a wide range of audiences and interests. The main objective of the Fair is to promote the potential of Gran Canaria as a destination among potential users of this tourist segment, as well as among the agents operating in the value chain.

Within the wide range of options for these days, visitors can choose between via ferrata, coastering, trekking, diving, tandem parachutes, hiking and adapted hiking, canyoning, surfing and astronomy. The great novelty this year is that it will take place all over the island of Gran Canaria and the platform will be used to book activities. The Fair is aimed at foreign, national and inter-island tourists, and is intended to serve as a showcase for the potential of Gran Canaria for the practice of Outdoor Tourism and Ecotourism. The experiences are on display at

The president of Activa Canarias, José Luis Echevarría, believes that "this type of event serves to underpin our firm commitment to the marketing and development of Active Tourism in Gran Canaria". He adds that "the model of Gran Canaria is increasingly moving towards a sustainable model, which must be endorsed by the type of tourism on offer. In this sense, Active Tourism has a lot of potential that can move the island in this direction".


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